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G8 Combat Developments Division (CDD)

CDD Mission Statement

The mission of Combat Developments Division (CDD) is to provide innovative and cutting-edge equipment to Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) to ensure a decisive advantage when conducting Special Operations campaigns.  CDD will accomplish this by maximizing USSOCOM, HQDA, TRADOC, and AMC integration into development of requirements, technology transfer, materiel programs and equipment.  In short, CDD gets the best equipment to the best soldiers to succeed on the toughest missions.

CDD Organization

CDD is organized by Commodity Sections:

  • Capability Integration
  • Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4)
  • Intelligence Systems and Sensors (ISS)
  • Military Information Support Operations (MISO)
  • Mobility Systems
  • Soldier Systems
  • Target Engagement
  • *Aviation (Manned and Unmanned)

* Aviation Commodities (Manned and Unmanned) are managed by Army Special Operations Aviation Command (ARSOAC).

CDD Vision and ARSOF 2022: Optimizing Resources and Commodity Areas

OverviewUSASOC will realign resources to better meet our global-mission requirements. Our forces must be equipped to operate in any environment in the world for extended periods in a low-visibility and clandestine fashion.  Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we must equip our formations to meet the specific needs of their assigned missions and area of operations, especially our regionally aligned special operations units.  We should embrace an approach to resourcing that is highly agile and encourages our regionally aligned forces to be as varied and unique as their areas of operations and missions require, including leveraging COTS solutions and improved mechanisms to locally procure equipment that is indigenous to the area of operations. 

Mobility Systems: ARSOF will possess a wide range of mobility platforms that are able to penetrate denied areas clandestinely by air, sea or land, including the use of stealth technologies.  These platforms are designed to allow the force to operate for extended periods of time in denied areas.

Aviation:  ARSOF will possess a fully functional SOF Aviation Enterprise that synchronizes efforts to generate the world's premier special operations aviation capability.

Target Engagement:  ARSOF will leverage emerging technology to continue to develop innovative, low visibility means and when required, non-attributable materiel solutions, that enable new means for ARSOF to discriminately engage the most sensitive targets around the globe.

Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4):  ARSOF will be equipped with innovative systems that provide low-visibility, reliable, secure and seamless video, data, imagery and voice services that provide integrated, on the move, timely and relevant information to enable SOF C2 in any environment with any echelon of joint command or partner force.

Soldier Systems The ARSOF operator will be equipped to infiltrate, operate and survive in denied areas for extended duration in a low-visibility fashion, with a minimal burden of equipment bulk, weight and mass.

Cyber Operations:  ARSOF personnel will be prepared to utilize the Cyber Domain to enhance operations both with internal means and external support.

MISO Systems:  ARSOF will be the strategic nexus for all Department of Defense influence activities and recognized as the partner of choice for influence campaigns.

Intelligence Sensors and Systems (ISS):  ARSOF tactical elements will have an unprecedented level of organic and tactical exploitation of national capability, regardless of the austerity or sensitivity of their environments.

For more information on SOF resourcing allocation challenges and potential solutions by commodity area, see ARSOF 2022 p. 23-28 at ARSOF 2022..

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