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8th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne)

Commander COL Eric Johnson
COL Eric Johnson
Phantom Knights Command Sergeant Major CSM Aleah Ginos
Command Sergeant Major
CSM Aleah Ginos

The PSYOP Detachment Join the Team

Who We Are

PSYOP Forces are Masters of Influence – the core of information warfare. We conduct influence activities to target psychological vulnerabilities and create or intensify fissures, confusion, and doubt in adversary organizations. We use all available means of dissemination – from sensitive and high tech, to low-tech, to no-tech, and methods from overt, to clandestine, to deception.

Our Force

8th PSYOP Group (A) consists of 3rd PSYOP Battalion (A), 9th PSYOP Battalion (A), and a Headquarters and Headquarters Company. 3rd POB (A) is a truly unique organization providing the PSYOP Force and other SOF units with world class dissemination capabilities. The battalion supports operations around the globe with specialized expeditionary teams tailor fit to execute print, A/V, and broadcast activities. The unit also houses the Information Warfare Center and other capabilities designed to support our forces or compete with adversaries from the CONUS base. 9th POB (A) is the PSYOP Regiment's National Mission Force (NMF) which is responsible for supporting Special Mission Units (SMU) across the world. Members of the PSYOP NMF are deployed specifically to address the most serious threats to US National Security.


Outreach and Recruiting

Join the PSYOP Regiment: If you are a Soldier or civilian interested in learning more about PSYOP, or how to be selected, send us an email at the address below. PSYOP is a difficult branch to research so don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We also highly recommend you check out our podcast and social media.

Newcomers: If you have been assigned to 8th PSYOP Group (A) and are looking for information please give us a call or email at the addresses below. We also recommend you follow our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with new information.

Families: If you are looking for ways to stay in touch please follow the social media pages below. If you have specific questions send us an email so we can connect you with the appropriate section.

Media Inquiries: Send us an email at the address below and we will connect you with the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) Public Affairs Office to respond to your request.



Staff Duty: 910-396-8636

Evolving for the Future

Our History

Psychological warfare was established as a sub-section of the War Department during World War I. Over 50 million leaflets were delivered in modified artillery shells and leaflet bombs dropped from airplanes on enemy units on the Western Front. So effective was the Allied PSYWAR, German Generals Paul von Hindenberg and Erich Ludendoff stated that the Allied PSYWAR effort had played a large part in devastating their troops' morale. Psychological warfare expanded during World War II with the creation of the Psychological Warfare Branch, Allied Force Headquarters; the Psychological Warfare Division, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force; and PSYWAR Sections at the Army, Group and Field Army levels. These commands consolidated the efforts of the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Office of War Information, British Political Warfare Office and Ministry of Information. These commands further directed the formation of tactical PSYWAR units such as mobile broadcasting companies and broadcasting stations operating detachments.

These World War II PSYWAR efforts dwarfed anything attempted before in history. In September of 1950, Brig. Gen. Robert A. McClure was named Chief, Psychological Warfare Division. Recognizing the need for the Army to retain her PSYWAR units and capabilities, he and his staff established the PSYWAR Center at Fort Bragg in 1952. That center still stands today as the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. The fundamental mission of the Psychological Operations branch has remained the same since World War I: to "convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups and individuals." However, the means and methods for accomplishing our mission continue to evolve with the increasing demand for PSYOP capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict.

On Oct. 1, 2006, PSYOP became an official branch within the United States Army, and in 2011 the Department of the Army established the Military Information Support Command and the 8th Military Information Support Group (Airborne) or 8th MISG (A). The unit would eventually shed its original name and officially become 8th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) or 8th POG (A). In September of 2014, the 8th POG (A) became a subordinate unit of the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne). The organization originally consisted of 1st PSYOP Battalion (A) (POB (A)), 5th POB (A), and 9th POB (A) which were responsible for the South American and Indo-Pacific theaters as well as supporting special tactical PSYOP missions. In June of 2020, 4th and 8th POGs were reorganized resulting in 8th POG (A) consisting of 3rd POB (A) and 9th POB (A). The 8th POG (A) continues to provide PSYOP in support of named and classified operations around the world protecting our homeland and our allies.