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The SHARP Program's mission is to reduce with an aim toward eliminating sexual offenses within the Army through cultural change, prevention, intervention, investigation, accountability, advocacy/response, assessment, and training to sustain the All-Volunteer Force.

The Army's SHARP Program:

Is an integrated, proactive effort by the Army to end to sexual harassment and sexual assault within its ranks.

Permeates the Army structure from the Pentagon down to the individual Soldier level

Has full-time staff at brigade level and above.

Promotes cultural change across the Army with a vision toward a culture of discipline and respect in which Soldiers intervene in sexual harassment and sexual assault to protect one another.

Includes a comprehensive effort to educate leaders and Soldiers about sexual harassment and sexual assault

Employs a concrete training program that teaches them to be alert to serial offender tactics, to intervene to stop incidents and disrupt offenders, and where and how to seek help.

Provides commanders with the essential resources, education, and training they need to succeed in bringing an end to sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Army.


I. A.M. STRONG is the Army’s campaign to combat sexual assaults by engaging all Soldiers in preventing sexual assaults before they occur.
Grounded by our shared belief in the Army Values, we are a band of brothers and sisters, placing mission first, never accepting defeat, never quitting and never leaving a fallen comrade. Our interdependence and shared respect among comrades frames who we are as a Team and an Army - a Team that finds sexual assault reprehensible and beyond toleration. Those who commit assaults hurt a member of our Team and wound our Army. This criminal act is cowardly and damaging to the very moral fiber that gives our Army its innermost strength.
As Soldiers and proud members of our Team, we are duty bound to Intervene, Act, and Motivate others to stop sexual assaults and the sexually offensive language and gestures that create an environment friendly to this abuse.

Effects of Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment on the Army Profession Videos

This video case-study on PFC Schuette, addresses the crisis of sexual harassment and sexual assault through the lens of the Army Profession with a particular focus on the trust relationships that are the bedrock of the Army Profession.
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SPC Jarett Wright was hazed and sexually assaulted while deployed to Iraq in 2010. He is sharing his story to prevent similar acts from happening to others.
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CSM Julie Guerra was the victim of sexual assault as a Private First Class. Her unit's leadership set a standard which she now uses to train and educate her leaders on how to handle these cases. She is sharing her story to help fellow Army professionals better understand the needs of sexual assault victims, in order to eradicate this crime that undermines trust and tarnishes our Army Profession.
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Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program Training

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SWCS Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Training with Russell Strand
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Annual Unit Refresher/ Pre- and Post- Deployment Training

Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program References

Commanders’ Guide on Selecting and Recommending SARCS and SAPR VAs

Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP)

FY 2013 DoD Report on Substantiated Incidents of Sexual Harassment in the Armed Forces

FY 2014 Department of Defense Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military

Executive Summary: DoD Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military

RD 193-14 Screening of Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention Program Personnel and Others in Identified Positions of Significant Trust.

HQDA EXORD 193-14 Annex A

HQDA EXORD 193-14 Annex B

HQDA EXORD 193-14 Annex C

HQDA EXORD 193-14 Annex D

HQDA EXORD 193-14 Annex E

Assessing Officers and Noncommissioned Officers on Fostering Climates of Dignity and Respect and on Adhering to the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program