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Military Free Fall

Military Free-Fall Instructor ATRRS Course Requirements

Active and National Guard component Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers who are current MFF jumpers and qualified MFF jumpmasters, upon successful completion of MFFIC, all NCOs will be available for future assignment as MFF instructors at B Co, 2d Bn, 1st SWTG(A), Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ.

     - Must possess a current Class III physical examination IAW AR 40-502 dated within five years of course completion date.
     - Must also possess a current Physiological Training Card (AF Form 1274; AF Form 702; Navy Form 1550/28-NP-6 card; or USAAMC (AA) Form 484).
     - Must meet height and weight standards as outlined in AR 600-9, or service equivalent. Personnel cannot exceed 240 pounds.
     - Must have served as a military free-fall jumpmaster for a minimum of one year and completed a minimum of 100 free-fall parachute jumps.
     - Must have nine months remaining in service upon graduation.

Personnel reporting to training who do not meet all of the prerequisites will not be admitted to the course. Any variation from the above standards requires a request for exceptions in writing from the Soldier's Battalion Commander through the Group Commander, to the Commanding General, USAJFKSWCS.

Military Free-Fall Instructor Reporting Instructions

If you are being assigned to B/2/2 SWTG (A), upon receipt of your orders contact the Military Free-Fall Instructor Course NCOIC for detail reporting instructions.
The NCOIC will help deconflict your report date and course start date.
Failure to coordinate with the MFFIC NCOIC may result in missing the course start date and delayed entry into the MFFI program by 3 months.

Required Documents

- Current Physical (DD 2808 or DD 2992) signed by a UMO/DMO, APA (Aeromedical Physician Assistant); Valid for 5 years.

- Must have a current Physiological Training Record, High Altitude Parachutist (HAP) (USASOC Form 4080; AF Form 1274; AF Form 702; Navy Form 1550/28-NP-6 card or USAAMC AA Form 484).

FY20 MFFIC Course Start Dates

Report Date

Start Date

End Date

5 APR 2020

6 APR 2020

5 JUN 2020

26 JUL 2020

27 JUL 2020

25 SEP 2020

Military Free-Fall Instructor Reporting Directions

Report to B/2/2 SWTG (A) for in-processing. Click on map for larger picture.

Military Free-Fall Instructor Reporting Directions

Report to the MFFIC as coordinated with the NCOIC. Click on map for larger picture.


If you choose to live in on-post housing, it is important to contact the housing office as soon as you receive your orders to either reserve a place or get on the waitlist. Typically, for YPG there is not much of a waitlist unless you require a 5-bedroom home.
Electric and Water are included.
Go to: www.desertoasiscommunities.com
Click this link to find everything you need to know about the on-post community and amenities.


Military Free-Fall Course Contact Numbers

Company HQ
(928) 328-3636

(610) 414-4662

(928) 304-6995