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APR-JUN 2019 Resistance

Resistance Bloodline, Party Line and Bottom Line
CA in a Resistance Environment
Forging Expertise
The SF Profession
Ties That Bind

JAN-MAR 2019 Reflecting on 100 Years of Psychological Operations

Reflecting on 100 Years of Psychological Operations Robert McClure: The Forgotten Father of Army Special Warfare
BLACK KNIGHTS - Back from the Brink
What Should PSYOP Do Next?
The Next Century of PSYOP
A Mission of Attrition

OCT-DEC 2018 Civil Affairs - 100 Years

Civil Affairs - 100 Years Civil Affairs: The First 100
Transformation Training
Challenges in the Future Operating Environment
Shaping Authority in the Human Domain
Civil Affairs Force of the Future
Civil Affairs Warrant Officers

JUL-SEP 2018 Protecting the Southern Approach

Protecting the Southern Approach Colombia
El Salvador
Off the Range, Into the Jungle
Measuring Indirect Effects Over Time
Integrated Campaigning
The Last Line of Defense
The 5th SOF Truth
A Team Effort
The People Business
Changing Culture
Video Page

JAN-MAR 2018 Iraq- The Counter-ISIS Fight

Iraq- The Counter-ISIS Fight The Last Tactical Mile: Sustaining Defeat-ISIS Operations in Syria
Anbar After ISIS
Tribe and State Relations in Iraq
The Concept of Revenge in Arab Tribal Societies
Optimizing Indirect MISO: MIST-IRAQ and Advising at the Operational Level of War
Building Strategic Influence: The SOF Role in Political Warfare

OCT-DEC 2017 Special Operations in the Pacific

Special Operations in the Pacific Special Operations Command Pacific Commander Q and A
Remaining First in Asia
Tailoring Logistic Support
Mahabir Rangers
Nepal-Left of Zero, SOF Crisis Response
Sri Lanka
Crisis Response in Sri Lanka
Philippine Primer
Maritime FID in Bangladesh

JAN_JUN 2016 Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines Soro Resistance Pyramid Challenged

APR-JUN 2017 Operationalizing Research

Operationalizing Research Critical Thinking
Social Engineering
Boko Haram
Reading the Tea Leaves
Effectiveness Through Historical Consciousness
Virtual Accompany Kits Return to Baghdad
Command and Control in the Gray Zone
Building Legitimacy, Promoting Policy and Developing Networks

JAN-MAR 2017 Army Special Operations in Africa

Army Special Operations in Africa Will the Real Revisionist Please Stand Up?
Special Operations Command - Africa
In Africa It's All Relative
The Last Tactical 11 Million Miles
Special Operations Command Forward–North and West Africa
Return to AFRICA
Operational Culture in an Open, Permissive Environment
18D - The Lifeline
The Loss of the Golden Hour

JUL-DEC 2016 Special Operations Center of Excellence: Forging SOF

Special Operations Center of Excellence: Forging SOF OBJECTIVE - T EFFORT
     -T and EO Step and Measure Excerpt
     -Map Memory Test
     -Condition Statement Sample.
A History of Assessment and Selection
Small Unit Tactics - A Foundational Skill Set.
SERE — Doing More and Giving Back
The Relevancy of Robin Sage
Operationalizing Cyber
SOF in Cyberspace
Counter-Messaging Daesh
Combat Diving in Special Warfare

JAN-JUN 2016 Bridging the Gap Between War and Peace: ARSOF in Europe

Bridging the Gap Between War and Peace: ARSOF in Europe 6th MISB(A)’s Essential Role in the SOCEUR AOR
10th SF G(A) and Europe in 2016: Old Wine in New Bottles?
Civil Information Sharing in the Gray Zone
War of Words: Countering Russian Aggression in Estonia
Expeditionary Logistics in Support of Atlantic Resolve
Persistent Presence
SOFLE Romania

OCT 2015 The Challenge of Operating in the Gray Zone

The Challenge of Operating in the Gray Zone Harnessing Cyber-Technology's Human Potential
Potential Impact of Daesh Attacks Spreading to Lebanon and Bahrain
The Gray Zone
Special Operations Forces Captain’s Career Course

JUL-SEP 2015 Building The SOF Global Network

Building The SOF Global Network The Green Beret Volckmann Program: Maximizing The Prevent Strategy
The Volckmann Program: Maximizing The Prevent Strategy — Version 2.0
Roosevelt Teams
Taking SOF Global: The Global SOF Training, Education and Doctrine Community Of Interest
Security Force Assistance Metrics: Blood and Treasure
Security Force Assistance Initiatives
The Powell Program: One Step Closer to Cementing Interoperability With Our Interagency Partners


ARSOF Next Building the Poor Man’s JCET
The History of Special Warfare
The Key to Interoperability: Liaisons

JAN-MAR 2015 A Glimpse Inside the New Face of Terror

A Glimpse Inside the New Face of Terror UW: Putting It All Together
The Emergence of the Elite Arm of al-Qaeda: The Khorsan Group
The Genesis of ISIS
Disruption: Lessons of Application for Unconventional Warfare
Strategic Application of Special Warfare In Cyberspace

OCT-DEC 2014 The Academic Issue

The Academic Issue WMD-Terrorism (Nuclear): A Special Operations Primer
3S – Scale, Scope, Salience: A New Model for Evaluating Terrorist Threats
U.S. Army Psychological Operations Soldiers: Best Suited for U.S. Diplomatic Posts Overseas and NSDD-38 Inclusion
Interagency Conflict: A Scientific Approach to Understanding Human Social Behavior and Organizational Theory

Volume 27 | Issue 3 ARSOF 2022 Part II

The Academic Issue SOF, the Human Domain and the Conduct of Campaigns
SOF Operational Design
Silent Quest Exercise Series
SOF Collaboration with the Interagency: A Star Wars Bar Analogy
ISTC: Building Persistent NATO SOF Interoperability and Strengthening the Alliance at the “Tip of the Spear”

APR-JUN 2014 CF-SOF Interdepence

CF-SOF Interdepence Syria: The Evolution Revolution
Understanding the Enemy
Interrogation Theme Selection for Jihadist Combatants
Institutionalizing Interdependence
The Future of Interdependence: Conventional Forces Will Look More Like SOF; SOF Will Look More Like the CIA
10 things the military should know about the CIA

JAN-MAR 2013 Special Operations in PACOM

Special Operations in PACOM 1st Special Forces Group in the PACOM AOR
1st Special Forces Group Support Battalion
Q & A with COL Robert McDowell and CSM Brian Johnson
Relationship Building
1st SFG(A) Operational Cycle
The Case for India
Zamboanga Crisis
Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines
Operation Damayan
Preparing for ODA Level Initial Entry UW Operations in Korea
Foal Eagle
A Company In the LSF
UW in Cyberspace

OCT-DEC 2013 Then and Now

Then and Now Special Forces Returns to Its Roots
Closing the Gaps In Governance
Operationalizing the CONUS Base
ARIS: Assessing Revolutionary and Insurgent Strategies
I3M: A Short Introduction to a New Model of Insurgent Involvement
Order From Chaos: Restructuring Army Civil Affairs
The Dry Sponge Theory

Volume 26 | Issue 3 Social Revolution

Social Revolution Leveraging SOF Capacity: Fusing Components, TSOCs, and Academics
Crossing the Red Line: Social Media and Social Network Analysis for Unconventional Campaign Planning
Information and Revolution in Egypt: Assessing the Role of New Media in Contemporary and Future Operating Environments
An Unconventional Role for Civil Affairs
A Social Movement Approach to Unconventional Warfare

Volume 26 | Issue 2 ARSOF 2022

ARSOF 2022 Future Operating Environment
Strategic Guidance/ External Direction
Command Guidance / Internal Direction
ARSOF 2022 At a Glance
ARSOF 2022 Priorities
Putting ARSOF 2022 into Action

Volume 26 | Issue 1 Waging Special Warfare in Africa

Waging Special Warfare 
in Africa Military Information Support Operations in the Tran-Sahel
Military Information Support to Contingency Operations in Libya
Special Operations in Africa
Right Boots on the Ground: U.S. Army Special Forces in Central Africa
Counter-Lord’s Resistance Army: Logistics in Central Africa
Back to the Future: Human Rights and Legitimacy in the Training and Advisory Mission
Ally in the East: 21st Century Sino-Tanzanian Strategic Relations and its Implications for U.S. Africa Policy
Planning, Executing and Evaluating VETCAPS: Lessons Learned in Karamoja, Uganda

Volume 25 | Issue 4 ARSOFs Persistent Presence in SOCSOUTH

ARSOFs Persistent Presence in SOCSOUTH OEF-CCA: Irregular Applications for SOF Efforts
Ahead of the Guns: SOF in Central America
Fuerzas Comando 2012
ARSOF in Colombia: 50 years of Persistent Engagement
Out of the Andean Ridge
Lessons Learned and the Implications of Plan Colombia and Coca Production

Volume 25 | Issue 3 Conflict with China

Conflict with China Conflict With China: Prospects, Consequences and Strategies for Deterrence
JSOTF-P Uses Whole-Of-Nation Approach to Bring Stability to the Philippines
Continuity in the Chinese Mind for War
The Challenge of China and ARSOF's Role
The Chinese People's Liberation Army and Special Operations
Real Results: Military Partnerships in the Philippines
Grains of Truth: The Role of the Civil-Military Support Element in Special Operations

Volume 25 | Issue 2 Social Media A New Form of Unconventional Warfare

Social Media A New Form of Unconventional Warfare Social Media and Unconventional Warfare
Q & A with Adm. William H. McRaven, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command
Breaking the Stigma of Behavioral Healthcare
Special Operations Command Europe
Civil Affairs Forces in CENTCOM
Operationalizing Strategic Policy in Lebanon

Volume 25 | Issue 1 Lights Out: ARSOF Packs It Up in Iraq

Lights Out: ARSOF Packs It Up in Iraq Lights Out: ARSOF Reflect on Eight Years in Iraq
Q & A with Brigadier General Darsie Rogers
Foreign Internal Defense in Iraq: ARSOF Core Tasks Enable Iraqi Combating Terrorism Capability
Eight Years of Combat FID: A Retrospective on SF in Iraq
Through and With: Reintegration in Northern Afghanistan

Volume 24 | Issue 4 Afghanistan: The Road Ahead

Afghanistan: The Road Ahead Forecasting the Future of Afghanistan
Out of Africa
Game Changers: ANA Special Forces Impact the Course of Afghanistan
Q & A with Brigadier General Edward M. Reeder Jr.
Thinking MISO: Linking Strategy to Selection
SOF Leader Resources: The UW Auxiliary at Home

Volume 24 | Issue 3 VSO Strenghten Afghanistan

VSO Strenghten Afghanistan Village Stability Operations: More than Village Defense
4th and Long: The Role of Civil Affairs in VSO
The Nuts and Bolts of Village Stability Operations
Taking a Stand: VSO and the Afghan Local Police
The Green Beret Volckmann Program
Regimental Training Facility Brings Unique SOF Resources Together

Volume 24 | Issue 2 USAJFKSWCS Gold Book

VSO Strenghten Afghanistan Building for the Future
Lethal Weapon
The Big Picture
Expanding the UW Reach

Volume 24 | Issue 1 Defining War

Defining War Defining Warfare
Special Operations as a Warfighting Function
The Future of MISO

FY19 Academic Handbook

FY19 Academic Handbook