Psychological Operations Regimental Crest

U.S. Army Psychological Operations Regiment

The United States Army’s Psychological Operations Regiment can trace its lineage to World War II, when Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower established the Information and Censorship Section of the Allied Forces Headquarters, Europe. In that section, Brig. Gen. Robert A. McClure consolidated several functions for which most Army officers had little preparation: public relations, censorship and psychological warfare.

Psychological operations were used extensively by all sides during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. PSYOP supported Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada and Operation Just Cause in Panama. During Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, PSYOP supported coalition forces and helped destroy Iraqi forces in southern Iraq and Kuwait. Since Desert Storm, PSYOP Soldiers have supported operations worldwide, ranging from humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping during Operation Provide Promise in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to counterdrug operations in South America and Asia, to demining operations around the globe.

Since the 9/11 attacks, the PSYOP Regiment has been heavily engaged in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, the Philippines and other areas around the globe. On Oct. 16, 2006, PSYOP became an official branch within the Army. The members of the PSYOP branch continue to support special-operations forces, geographic combatant commanders and other U.S. government agencies, meeting the needs of our nation in operations throughout the world.

Honorary Regimental Leadership

Honorary Colonel

Honorary Sergeant Major

Honorary Colonel of the Psychological Operations Regiment

Honorary Sergeant Major of the Psychological Operations Regiment

James A. Treadwell

Neil Heupel

Colonel Command Sergeant Major

Distinguished Members

Inducted in 1998

Col. Alfred Paddock Command Sgt. Maj. Rudy Whittaker    

Alfred H. Paddock Jr.

Rudy Whittaker

Colonel Command Sergeant Major    

Inducted in 2010

Command Sgt. Maj. Steven L. Carney Col. Jack Guy, Jr.    

Steven L. Carney

Jack Guy, Jr.


Command Sergeant Major Colonel    

Inducted in 2011

Col. Curtis Boyd Col. Christopher E. St. John    

Curtis Boyd

Christopher E. St. John



Colonel Colonel    

Inducted in 2012

Col. Glenn Ayers Col. Scott Fedorchak Col. Jeffrey Jones Command Sgt. Maj. Michael W. Stein

Glenn Ayers

Scott Fedorchak

Jeffrey B. Jones

Michael W. Stein

Colonel Colonel Colonel Command Sergeant Major

Inducted in 2013

LTC Thomas A. Milam MG Robert A. McClure COL Thomas A. Timmes  

Thomas A. Milam

Robert A. McClure

Thomas A. Timmes

Lieutenant Colonel Major General Colonel  

Inducted in 2014

COL Heber Blankenhorn COL Christopher Leyda LTC Charles H. Buehring MAJ Timothy F. Fitzpatrick

Heber Blankenhorn

Christopher Leyda

Charles H. Buehring

Timothy F. Fitzpatrick

Colonel Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major
CPT Robert Asti CPT Alfred J. DeGrazia D. Elwell MSG Timothy L. Hill

Robert Asti

Alfred J. DeGrazia

Douglas Elwell

Timothy L. Hill

Captain Captain   Master Sergeant

Inducted in 2015

2LT Morris Janowitz CPL Barbara Podoski BG Charles H. Karlstad COL James A. Treadwell

Morris Janowitz

Barbara Podoski

Charles H. Karlstad

James A. Treadwell

2nd Lieutenant Corporal Brigadier General Colonel
CSM Condroski

John A. Condroski




Command Sergeant Major      

Inducted in 2016

COL Louis A. Waple LTC Herbert Avedon MAJ Raymond P. Ambrozak COL John E. Markham

Louis A. Waple

Herbert Avedon

Raymond P. Ambrozak

John E. Markham

Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Colonel

Inducted in 2017

COL John J. Braham IV COL Daniel D. Devlin LTC Stephen J. Herczeg

John J. Braham IV

Daniel D. Devlin

Stephen J. Herczeg


Colonel Colonel Lieutenant Colonel  

Inducted in 2018

LTC James P. Kelliher COL Miguel B. Hobbs LTC Alfred E. Lunt III

James P. Kelliher

Miguel B. Hobbs

Alfred E. Lunt III


Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Lieutenant Colonel  

Honorary Members of the Regiment

Mari Borstelmann

David Champagne

Douglas Elwell

Norman Gardner

Edward Tyner

Thomas Hedges

Nills Sorenson

Caryn Bain

Zoraida Franco

CSM Earnest M. Bishop

Lynn R. Gilfus

Governor Matthew C. Armstrong

MG Gregory J. Lengyel

Debra L. Ambrose

Gregory J. Orme

Dr. Jared M. Tracey

Mr. M.A. Thomas

Mr. Pat O'Brien

MG Robert A. McClure Award

MG Robert A. McClure Award

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The Regimental Honors, Awards and Affiliation Program is intended to recognize those who have contributed to the welfare of the Civil Affairs, Special Forces and Psychological Operations regiments, active or reserve component, as Department of the Army civilians, or in a private capacity. The program further serves as a link between members of the regiments currently serving and those who have separated from service, but continue to advance the interests of their respective regiments. These recognized individuals serve as role models, advocates and public examples to all members of the regiments. Through their sterling example, they enhance unit morale, cohesion and esprit, and promote the war-fighting ethos, unwavering sense of pride and selfless service of today's Soldiers.


Nominees may be active, retired or former officers, warrant officers or enlisted Soldiers who have graduated from the Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations or Special Forces qualification courses (or been awarded the Special Forces tab) and have served in their respective regiment. Nominees must have made significant contributions to the success of their regiment on the battlefield and/or to the training and qualification of new members of the regiment. For more information, click here.