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Military Free-Fall Jumpmaster Course


Yuma Proving Ground, AZ


Military Free Fall

Requirements to attend the Military Free-Fall Jumpmaster Course (MFFJMC)

All Students must:

     - Have served as a MFF parachutist for a minimum of one-year.

     - Completed a minimum of 50 MFF jumps and meet MFF currency/proficiency requirements and positional prerequisites described in applicable Service/USSOCOM MSC publications, and USSOCOM Manual 350-3, Chapter 10-2a, 19 October 2018. Double Bag Static Line (DBSL) is not recognized as a MFF jump.

     - Be a graduate of a USSOCOM recognized Static-Line Jumpmaster Course.

* Waivers to this policy are obtained by submitting a memo from your commander (O-4 or above) requesting an exception to policy and sent to the following email: AdvancedSkillsWaivers@socom.mil

Required Documents

- A current Class III flight examination, which includes a copy of a current high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) physical examination (DD 2808 or DD 2992) signed by a UMO/DMO, APA (Aeromedical Physician Assistant) or Flight Surgeon. DD2808 box 1 must be dated within five years of the date that the student will graduate the MFFJM course for those under age 50 and within 1 year for those over age 50. DD 2992 box 11c must be dated through the course completion date.

- A current Physiological Training Record, High Altitude Parachutist (HAP) (USASOC Form 4080; AF Form 1274; AF Form 702; Navy Form 1550/28-NP-6 card; or USAAMC AA Form 484).

- Copy of USAJFKSWCS or validated Military Free Fall Parachutist Course Certificate or Naval Parachutist Course Certificate showing student is a graduate of a USSOCOM certified MFF course IAW USSOCOM Manual 350-3, Chap 5, p. 27 (dated 19 Oct 2018).

- Copy of a SOCOM approved Static Line Jumpmaster Course diploma.

- Copy of individual Military Jump Record showing jumper being current.

- Travel orders, Request and Authorization for TDY Travel to attend the MFFJMC (DD form 1610).

Welcome Letter

If you have not received a welcome letter and you have an ATRRS hard slot, contact the MFFJMC or your specific service lead in the contacts section to request an emailed packet.

Reporting Instructions

MFFJMC students will report to the Jumpmaster classroom, Bldg 219, on Yuma Proving Ground, AZ NLT 0700 on the ATRRS report date. Students will report in a serviceable duty uniform (i.e. OCP, etc.).

Service Members with reserved ATRRS slots who are not present at roll call will have their slots given to standby personnel.

Other Documents

- MFFJMC Waiver example

- In-processing Sheet: Fill this out and bring it with you on to in-processing (PDF file)

- Yuma orientation map

MFFJM Resources

If you need Manuals, AULs, refresher training material, SDRT, quick reference cards, or other resources, visit:

- www.milsuite.mil

     - Log in with your Common Access Card (CAC)

     - Type, “MFFS” in the search bar

     - Select Military Free-Fall Jumpmaster Course

- Jumpmaster Checklist 2020


Note: ATAK is an authorized navigational aid, however, it IS NOT authorized to produce a High Altitude Release Point (HARP).

If you need the most current version of ATAK, visit:

- idam.di2e.net/

- Log in with your CAC and request an account

- Once your account is approved (May take up to 48hrs), log in and create a password

- Select the “Confluence” app repository

- Search for “ATAK”

Wind Sources

- MFFJMs must only use approved wind sources which are provided by a qualified weather forecaster.

- The following sources are approved for planning purposes only.

- AFW-WEBS visit: weather.af.mil/AFW_WEBS

     - Create an account

     - Select

     - Right click on your DIP location

     - Select “Point Based Products”

     - Select “Alphanumeric Model Output”

     - Select Product “Precision Airdrop Wind Profile”

     - Select Forecast – your TOT in Zulu

     - Create

- 1-800-WX BRIEF

- 557th AF Squadron: (402) 232-4772

- Unit weather personnel or local AFB

MFFJMC Contacts

(928) 328-3948

(928) 328-3627

(210) 488-2680

Candlewood Suites Hotel
(928) 388-6200