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Coalition Special Operations Forces line up in formation at Camp Morehead, Afghanistan.

Global War on Terrorism

ARSOF Blue Star Service Banner

Michael L. Kunik

Peerless Professional, Patriot

Form follows function

A Brief Look at U.S. Army Standard Service Rifles and Squad Automatic Weapons since WWII

“This Vest May Save Your Life!”

U.S. Army Body Armor from WWII to Present


Setting Conditions for Operación JAQUE

“Who’s in charge down here?”

Joint SOF Integration

SDO, Bogotá

Defense Diplomacy

Exercise VAJRA PRAHAR 2011

Victoria Ex Umbra

Activating 4th Battalion, 1st SFG (Airborne)

The Raid at Hazar Qadam

There's No Place Like Home

Creating a CJSOTF-A Headquarters in Afghanistan

NiLi Experiment

Village Stability Operations


A Short History | 2002-2014

The U.S. Army Cultural Support Team Program

Historical Timeline

Task Force Viking

Addition to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Memorial Plaza

A Collective Effort

Army Special Operations Forces in Deh Rawod, Afghanistan

Fighting Throgh the “Fog of War”

The Battle of An Najaf, Part II

Fighting Throgh the “Fog of War”

The Battle of An Najaf, Part I

Operation BAAZ TSUKA

Task Force 31 Returns to the Panjwayi

Operation MEDUSA

Regaining Control of Afghanistan’s Panjwayi Valley

“Conducting the Orchestra”

AOB 740 in Colombia

“Who taught these guys to shoot like Chuck Norris?”

ODA 746 in Tolemaida

Plan Colombia and Plan Patriota

The Evolution of Colombia’s National Strategy

“There is a Word I Need to Learn”

ODA 741 and Colombian National Police Training at Espinal

Special Forces in Larandia

ODA 753 and the CERTE

Everyone Can Take Pride in This Fight

ODA 163 in Afghanistan

The SOD-JF in Iraq

A “Total Force” Success Story

Infiltrating Wadi al Khirr Airfield

Afghan Ambush

ODA 744 in Afghanistan

ODA 542

Working with the Free Iraqi Fighters

Mass Graves

This is What You Signed Up For

The Attack on Ayn Sifni

SOF and the Media

during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM


3/10 SFG against the Ansar Al-Islam

Getting There is Half the Battle

Operation UGLY BABY

Value Added

A/1/19th SFG in Iraq

The Battle for Debecka Crossroads

Post Cold War

Blue Helmets to Maroon Berets

Batallon Colombia in the Suez and Sinai, 1956-1958, 1982-2006

Vietnam War

Training the Trainers

Donald D. Blackburn and the 77th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Charles H. Fry

Bull Simons Award, 2009

A Team Effort

The Montagnard Uprising of September 1964

A Team Effort

Special Forces in Vietnam
(June-December 1964)

Cold War

The Path to War in Panama

SOUTHCOM Operational Planning

‘Stop the Radio Nacional Broadcasts’

C/3-7th SFG Ends pro-Noriega Radio Broadcasts during Operation JUST CAUSE

Absolute Confidence

The 617th SOAD and 3rd Battalion,
7th SFG in Panama, 1989–1990

JFK Visits Fort Bragg

A Photo Essay

Shoot & Salute

U.S. Army Special Warfare in Laos, Part I

Training on a Shoestring

Cheap, Practical SF Training in the Post-Vietnam Turmoil

Congo Rescue


The Good ‘Ole’ Days of Special Forces

Marginalized Before JFK

10th SFG, Mountain Recovery Operation

Iran 1962

Special Action Force ASIA

The Trojan Horse Badge

Distinctive Identity for the 10th Special Forces Group

American’s Foreign Legionnaires

The Lodge Act Soldiers - Part II


Special Forces in Bolivia

The 1960s

A Decade of Revolution

The Sixties in America

Social Strife and International Conflict

Beggar on a Throne of Gold

A Short History of Bolivia

Turning the Tables on Che

The Training at La Esperanza

The Special Forces Mission to Cochabamba

Bolivia 1967

Che Guevarra

A False idol for Revolutionaries

Field Sanitation

Practicing Medicine, and Civic Action in Bolivia

The Bolivian Mission

Site Survey and MTT Mission Prep

The ‘Haves and Have Nots’

U.S. & Bolivian Order of Battle

“Welcome to Bolivia,
MTT-BL 404-67X”

“Today a New Stage Begins”

Che Guevara in Bolivia

Che’s Posse

Divided, Attrited, and Trapped

The 2nd Ranger Battalion

and the Capture of Che Guevara

The Aftermath

Che, the Late 1960s, and the Bolovian Mission

Building El Salvador’s Airborne

Part I

San Miguel

The Attack on El Bosque

El Paraiso and the War in El Salvador

Part I (1981–1983)

ARSOF in Colombia



A Special Relationship

Plan Lazo

Evaluation and Execution

Colombian Special Operations Forces

U.S. Forces

The Major Command Structure

Blue Helmets to Maroon Berets

Batallon Colombia in the Suez and Sinai, 1956-1958, 1982-2006

Colombian Military Forces


El Salvador to Colombia and the Formation of the Planning and Assistance Training Teams

Plan Colombia and Plan Patriota

The Evolution of Colombia’s National Strategy

Reminiscences of Detachment A

Berlin 1982–1984

SF Detachment 39

SFLE in Korea

Los Artefactos Explosivos Improvisados

Improvised Explosive Devices in El Salvador

Korean War

A Combat First

Army SF Soldiers in Korea, 1953-1955


The Combined Command for Reconnaissance Activities, Korea

The Army's Guerrilla Command in Korea

Part II: The Rest of the Story

Working with what you have

The Challenges of Guerrilla Warfare on the Korean East Coast, 1951-1953


Line-Crossers, Special Forces, and the "Forgotten War"

One Guerrilla's Fight

Operating Behind Enemy Lines in the Korean War

Creating an Army Guerrilla Command

Part I: The First Six Months

Catch as Catch Can

Special Forces and Line Crossers

The A Team Numbering System

Wolfpack and Donkeys

Special Forces Soldiers in the Korean War

Additional Media


What is a Ranger or ARSOF Aviator? What is a Special Forces, PSYOP, Civil Affairs, or ARSOF Support soldier?