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Form follows function

A Brief Look at U.S. Army Standard Service Rifles and Squad Automatic Weapons since WWII

“This Vest May Save Your Life!”

U.S. Army Body Armor from WWII to Present

The U.S. Army Cultural Support Team Program

Historical Timeline

CAT 812 in Haiti

Rescue in Jérémie

A Collective Effort

Army Special Operations Forces in Deh Rawod, Afghanistan

Resurrected Again

95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)

Civil Affairs in Colombia

One Piece of the Puzzle

Setting up Civil Affairs in Gardez, Afghanistan

Order from Chaos

The 422 CA Battalon in OIF

HACC Baghdad

Civil Affairs in Action

Post Cold War

Vietnam War

ARSOF in Vietnam

Aviation, Civil Affairs, and Psyop Honored in USASOC Memorial Plaza

“We’re not in Kansas anymore”

The 41st CA Company in Vietnam, Part II

Battle Without Bullets

The 41st CA Company in Vietnam, Part I: 1965-1967

Cold War

Averting Disaster

Company D, 96th Civil Affairs Battalion at the Balboa High School Displaced Civilians Facility

Civil Affairs in the Assault

Company A, 96th Civil Affairs Battalion at the Torrijos-Airport Terminal

Korean War

The Mayor of P’yongyang

The Three Wars of COL Charles R. Munske

Same Organization,
Four Different Names

U.S. Army Civil Affairs in Korea 1950-1953

From a Standing Start

U.S. Army Psychological Warfare and Civil Affairs in the Korean War

The Refugee Evacuation from Hungnam

9-24 December 1950

CA/PSYWAR Timeline


The U.N. Occupation of P’yongyang

"Do what You Can"

UN Civil Assistance, Chinnamp'o, North Korea

A Civil Affairs Pioneer

BG Crawford F. Sams, U.S. Army Medical Corps

Additional Media


What is a Ranger or ARSOF Aviator? What is a Special Forces, PSYOP, Civil Affairs, or ARSOF Support soldier?