Psychological Operations Regimental Crest

U.S. Army Psychological Operations Regiment

The United States Army’s Psychological Operations Regiment can trace its lineage to World War II, when Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower established the Information and Censorship Section of the Allied Forces Headquarters, Europe. In that section, Brig. Gen. Robert A. McClure consolidated several functions for which most Army officers had little preparation: public relations, censorship and psychological warfare.

Psychological operations were used extensively by all sides during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. PSYOP supported Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada and Operation Just Cause in Panama. During Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, PSYOP supported coalition forces and helped destroy Iraqi forces in southern Iraq and Kuwait. Since Desert Storm, PSYOP Soldiers have supported operations worldwide, ranging from humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping during Operation Provide Promise in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to counterdrug operations in South America and Asia, to demining operations around the globe.

Since the 9/11 attacks, the PSYOP Regiment has been heavily engaged in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, the Philippines and other areas around the globe. On Oct. 16, 2006, PSYOP became an official branch within the Army. The members of the PSYOP branch continue to support special-operations forces, geographic combatant commanders and other U.S. government agencies, meeting the needs of our nation in operations throughout the world.


The mission of the PSYOP Commandant's Office is to execute all AR 5-22 force modernization proponent responsibilities through the management of the doctrine, organization, training, material, personnel, and facilities domains, including regimental responsibilities in support of all Army PSYOP forces.

Reserve to Active Duty Documents

Reserve Soldiers wishing to access in order to come to active Duty PSYOP will find information and necessary forms to complete by clicking the below links.

Commandant Letter

Prior Service Accessions Program Policy Letter

DD368 Request for Conditional Release

Prior Service Accessions Background Screening Questionaire

Airborne Volunteer Statement