U.S. Army
Special Operations Center of Excellence
Academic Handbook

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The U.S. Army Special Operations Center of Excellence Academic Handbook is a complete listing of SOCoE courses, including course number, class size, upcoming report dates, location, course duration, prerequisites and course descriptions.

Below is a full listing of SOCoE courses. To view additional details, please download the full Academic Handbook in PDF format.

Civil Affairs (CA)

Active Duty Courses:
     CA Screening Course
     CA Active Duty Qualification Course
     CA Specialist, 38B (Conventional Forces)
     CA Specialist, 38B (SOF)
     CA Officer Qualification (Conventional Forces)
     CA Officer Qualification (SOF)

Reserve Component Courses:
     CA Reserve Officer Qualification Course:
          CA Reserve Officer Qualification Course, Phase 1 (dL)
          CA Reserve Officer Qualification Course, Phase 2
     CA Specialist, 38B (AIT)

CA Training (Sister Services/Foreign Students)

Cultural Support Assessment/Selection

Cultural Support Training

Psychological Operations (PSYOP)

Active Duty Courses:
     PSYOP Assessment and Selection
     PSYOP Qualification Course:
          PSYOP Specialist Qualification Course (Reclass)
          PSYOP Officer Qualification Course

Reserve Component Courses:
     PSYOP Reserve Officer Qualification Course:
          Phase 1 (dL)
          Phase 2 (Resident)
     MISO Specialist (IET)

PSYOP Officer (International Students)

Military Deception Planners Course (Level 1)

PSYOP Unconventional Warfare

Advanced PSYOP Target Analysis Course

Special Forces (SF)

SF Preparatory Course

SF Assessment and Selection

SF Qualification Course:
     Phase 1, Orientation and History
     Phase 2, Language and Culture
     Phase 3, SF Tactical Combat Skills
     Phase 4, MOS Training:
          18A, SF Detachment Officer
          18B, Weapons Sergeant
          18C, Engineer Sergeant
          18D, Medical Sergeant
          18E, Communications Sergeant
     Phase 5, UW Culex (Robin Sage)
     Phase 6, Graduation
     Detachment Leader Course

Advanced Skills:
     SF Combat Diver Qualification Course
     SF Combat Diving Supervisor Course
     SF Diving Medical Technician Coure
     Military Free Fall Parachutist Course
     Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Course
     Military Free Fall Advanced Tactical Infiltration
     Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Course
     Advanced Special Operations Techniques
     Advanced Special Operations Managers Course
     SF Technical Surveillance
     Special Operations Analytics and Intelligence Course
     Special Forces Network Development Course
     UW Operational Design Course
     SOF Digital Targeting Training
     SOF Sensitive Site Exploitation, Technical Exploitation Course
     SOF Sensitive Site Exploitation, Operator Advanced Course
     SF Physical Surveillance Course
     SF Sniper Course
     SF Advanced Targeting Reconaissance Target Analysis Exploitation Techniques
     SF Senior Mountaineering Course (Level 1)
     SF Senior Mountaineering Course (Level 2)


Security Assistance Team Training and Orientation

Special Operations Combatives Program Instructor

SERE High Risk (Level C)


Civil Affairs Medical Sergeant

Special Operations Combat Medic

Special Operations Combat Medic Skills Sustainment

Special Forces Medical Sergeant

Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman

Special Operations Language Training (SOLT)

Basic Languages

Advanced Languages

NCO Academy





Warrant Officer Institute

SF Warrant Officer Technical and Tactical Certification

SF Warrant Officer Advanced Course

SF Warrant Officer Staff Course

Staff and Faculty Development

SOF Pre-Command Course

Training Developers Workshop

Training Developers Middle Managers' Course

Special Operations Instructor Course

Special Operations Aspiring Leader Program

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

SOCoE Newcomers' Briefing & Orientation Tour


Academic Year 2019

FY16 Academic Handbook