From the commandant

By Maj. Gen. Bennet S. Sacolick
Originally published in the July-September 2011 edition of Special Warfare

Maj. Gen. Bennet S. SacolickWe are going to build Special Warfare beyond the traditional trade/professional publication to make it a world-class forum for special-operations thoughts and activities. Beginning with this issue, you will notice some obvious additions to our content. We are including new sections that will provide you with more details on areas that are of special interest to the special-operations community. Specifically, you will notice new sections that provide training and education updates, not only for the curriculum at the Special Warfare Center and School but also for any relevant training and education within our regiments; the latest trends in fitness and nutrition; new equipment we have either tested, fielded or are considering; and an article specific to international special-operations forces. We will now publish four quarterly issues and one to two special publications annually, and will increase the size of each issue to allow us to include a wider range of articles and more diverse topics.

There is another addition that I believe will make the publication truly informative and dynamic, frankly, one that is beyond our control to affect: a reader's opinion page. I am asking for your opinion and comments about articles that we publish or for other opinions that you believe would be relevant to our readers. Pretty much anything is on the table with one exception: no anonymous articles. In keeping with the values of our regiments, you must be prepared to accept personal responsibility for your opinions. My hope is that we will develop an opinion-editorial section that will make Special Warfare a venue for our readers to share comments, opinions, information and even frustrations.

To get the ball rolling, I have written the first opinion piece that expresses something that I believe is important for our decision-makers to understand concerning the true value of our regiments to national security. You may not agree with what I say, and that's fine. Let me hear your views on the subject. If you want to disagree with me, bring it on, I want to get some sort of dialogue going. Once again, be up-front enough to give your name, and if your comments are legitimate, we'll publish them.

That goes for anything you see in SW that you feel warrants feedback, discussion or input. If you have information or experience that could amplify a point made in a letter or an article, whether you agree or disagree, let us hear from you.

Our special operators are facing some daunting challenges, and the future promises more of the same, potentially with less resources. As members of the regiment, it is our duty to prepare our soldiers for what they may encounter, and we need your great ideas to make us better. In special operations, we know that we already have the best and brightest Soldiers, and now we need to get your feedback, your ideas, your experiences and your opinions to encourage discussion and make Special Warfare a forum for sharing knowledge to best prepare our force for tomorrow's uncertainties.

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July-September 2011
Volume 24 | Issue 3

Special Warfare, July-September 2011

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