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Army special-operations Soldiers attend the first Distinguished Thesis presentation event for the National Defense University's Fort Bragg campus program.

Regional and Cultural Studies

The Regional Studies Division conducts a four week Regional Studies class for Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations students, and a one week Regional Studies Orientation for Special Forces students, during the qualification course. The courses introduce students to international relations theory, national policy and strategy, regional characteristics, operational variable analysis, and regional issues. Students complete an examination on operational variable analysis, and conduct analysis to present individual and small group briefings

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ARSOF Civilian Education Gateway

Providing Educational Pathways for Army Special Operations Forces.
The SOF Soldier must be looked at holistically. For our force to succeed, we must blend training, experience and education to produce special operators who are highly trained in warrior skills and broadly educated with leadership qualities based upon humility, critical thinking, comfort with ambiguity, acceptance of prudent but calculated risks and the ability to make rapid adjustments based upon a continuous assessment of the situation. This site is the gateway for the ARSOF operator to review options and resources and then select and implement an educational plan that spans his or her special operations career. To get started, click on a link below that represents the degree level that you are pursuing. If you need help, do not hesitate to use the contact information to the right to communicate with your civilian education counselor for the personal touch!

Associate's Degree

All active component Soldiers entering the Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations or Special Forces qualification courses without an associate's degree may enroll in a civilian institution as part of the qualification course - this will include seven additional classes (17 credit hours) plus completion of the qualification course, and results in an associate's degree for that Soldier.

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Bachelor's Degree

The ARSOF concept for bachelor's degrees includes a two-year + two-year option that allow the associate's degree earned during the qualification course to dovetail into a relevant bachelor's program. Completion time is dependent on military occupational specialty, but it is intended to coincide with completion of the Senior Leader's Course (SLC).

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Master's Degree

It is USAJFKSWCS' vision that ARSOF officers, select warrant officers and select NCOs will have master's degree along appropriate professional military education and career timelines.

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