Psychological Operations Regimental Crest

U.S. Army Psychological Operations Regimental Honors Program

Honorary Regimental Leadership

Honorary Colonel

Honorary Sergeant Major

Honorary Colonel of the Psychological Operations Regiment

Honorary Sergeant Major of the Psychological Operations Regiment

Jack Guy, Jr.

Steven L. Carney

Colonel, retired Command Sergeant Major, retired

Distinguished Members

Inducted in 2012

Col. Curtis Boyd Col. Christopher E. St. John    

Glenn Ayers

Jeffrey B. Jones



Colonel Colonel    

Inducted in 2011

Col. Curtis Boyd Col. Christopher E. St. John    

Curtis Boyd

Christopher E. St. John



Colonel Colonel    

Inducted in 2010

Command Sgt. Maj. Steven L. Carney Col. Jack Guy, Jr.    

Steven L. Carney

Jack Guy, Jr.


Command Sergeant Major Colonel    

Honorary Members of the Regiment

Mari Borstelmann

David Champagne

Dougles Elwell

Norman Gardner

Edward Tyner

McClure Award Recipients


Staff Sgt. Jose M. Alvarez

Maj. Nicholas K. Anderson

Sgt. 1st Class Jonathan D. Bailey

Maj. Dustin Dew

Maj. Robert M. Dexter

Lt. Col. Edward J. Fisher

Maj. Monique G.K. Guerrero

Sgt. 1st Class Seth M. Nicolayev

Capt. Andrew D. Nilson

Maj. Andrew A. Potts

Sgt. 1st Class Gracie L. Ramirez

Maj. Jane Sander

Sgt. 1st Class Jesus L. Sierra

Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas J. Skildum

Master Sgt. David E. Stopher

Master Sgt. Carrie Vernon

Col. Robert Wieler


Lt. Col. Erik Leuschner

Maj. Rafael E. Linera-Rivera

1st Sgt. Eric F. Linz

Lt. Col. James Mishina

1st Sgt. Charles R. Moore

Lt. Col. Troy O'Donnell

Maj. Amos Y. Oh

Lt. Col. Brinton H. Rosenberry

Sgt. Maj. John M. Seagraves

Maj. Erin Whitney


The Regimenal Honors, Awards and Affiliation Program is intended to recognize those who have contributed to the welfare of the Civil Affairs, Special Forces and Psychological Operations regiments, active or reserve component, as Department of the Army civilians, or in a private capacity. The program futher serves as a link between members of the regiments currently serving and those who have separated from service, but continue to advance the interests of their respective regiments. These recognized individuals serve as role models, advocates and public examples to all members of the regiments. Through their sterling example, they enhance unit morale, cohesion and esprit, and promote the war-fighting ethos, unwavering sense of pride and selfless service of today's Soldiers.