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Civil Affairs History

United States Army Civil Affairs traces its roots to the earliest years of this nation. Dating as far back as 1776, when the first soldier worked with a civilian, through General Winfield Scott’s issuance of General Order No. 20 to current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Civil Affairs has been present, operating and focused on mission success.

During the turbulent years of World War II, the Army activated its first Civil Affairs unit — the Civil Affairs Division. The Civil Affairs Division played an important role in the reconstruction of post-war Europe and Japan.

Throughout the years, from the Korean Conflict to peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, Civil Affairs Soldiers have been on the front lines supporting our nation’s objectives. Today, Civil Affairs Soldiers in both the active and reserve component continue to be an essential element in “securing the victory.”

Today’s Civil Affairs Soldiers are called upon to deploy around the world at a moment’s notice. Putting mission and the citizens of the world above their own needs, Civil Affairs Soldiers will continue to serve the people of this country proudly.

Today’s Civil Affairs forces include one active-Army Civil Affairs brigade, five active-Army Civil Affairs battalions, four Army Reserve Civil Affairs commands comprising of eight Civil Affairs brigades and their subordinate Civil Affairs battalions.

Civil Affairs Specialist Capabilities

Civil Affairs (CA) units help military commanders by working with civil authorities and civilian populations in the commander’s area of operations to lessen the impact of military operations during peace, contingency operations and declared war. CA forces support activities of both conventional and special-operations forces, and are capable of assisting and supporting the civil administration in the area of operations.

CA Soldiers are culturally oriented, linguistically capable Soldiers, and may be tasked to provide functional expertise for foreign internal defense operations, unconventional warfare operations and direct action missions.


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