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A New Generation of Monuments Men and Women for the US Army

The US Army is looking to recruit the next generation of “Monuments Men and Women” to help preserve sites and cultural property in combat zones and to advise troops on heritage. After years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a new conflict in Syria, including the large-scale looting of ancient objects and the intentional destruction of heritage sites, the army recognizes the need for experts in the field to advise commanders and work with civilian authorities after battles to help restore order. It is turning to museum directors, archaeologists and preservationists to fill these posts. However, cultural preservation is only a piece of how the US Army wants to employ resident experts.
The Institute for Military Support to Governance program includes economics, legal, and agriculture areas, just to name a few of the 19 specialties, and they are responsible for advising commanders and working with civilian authorities to stabilize regions before combat operations are necessary, and to help restore order after battles.

Civil Sector Experts

Civil Sector Experts currently include 19 areas of civil sector expertise intended to support governance across the range of military operations. The Civil Affairs branch has historically used the civil sector expertise of its “functional specialists” to provide commanders with the ability to address civil problems throughout all phases of joint operations. However, the Civil Affairs branch has rarely provided these Civil Sector Specialists in a predictable way: a gap exacerbated during extended operations such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Skill Identifiers

Economy and Infrastructure
     Agri-Business and Food
     Commerce and Trade
     Finance and Economics
     Industry and Production
     Water and Sanitation
     Technology and Telecommunications

Government and Administration
     Civil Administration
     Laws, Regulations, and Policies
     Environmental and Natural Resources
     Emergency Management

Rule of Law and Civil Security
     Judiciary and Legal System
     Law and Border Enforcement
     Public and Social Services
     Public Health
     Cultural Heritage Preservation

External Security


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