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The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Center of Excellence, trains, educates, develops and manages world-class Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and Special Forces warriors and leaders in order to provide our nation with highly educated, innovative and adaptive operators.


Forging experts in special warfare to adapt and succeed in a complex, multi-dimensional world through innovative training and education.


Call for Papers - ARSOF writing opportunity for Army publication

SOCoE is looking for motivated captains, majors, or NCOs who would like to write and share a specific 15-20 page branch historical ARSOF case or vignette with our Army. Writing is an excellent professional development opportunity for our officers and NCOs. This is an opportunity to author a chapter within an Army historical project on Large Scale Ground Combat Operations at Division Level and Above. Additionally, there is editorial, doctrinal and advisory support available.
For additional information on this project, including the subjects of interest within Large Scale Combat Operations at Division Level and Above, visit the Army University Press.
SOCoE POC for this project is the Director of Training, Doctrine, and Proponency at (910) 432-8836 / email

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JSOU Presents

JSOU Presents is a series of lectures, conferences and events available to SOF and Non-SOF audience. A couple times a month, starting at 1200 EST, JSOU will have a senior fellow interview a special guest speaker. Since this is web- based (APAN, adobe connect) interested parties may dial in from anywhere and type their questions to participate.

Upcoming Events


Access through: https://connect.apan.org/jsou-presents
No account needed

18-19 September in Kingston, Canada, (Royal Canadian Military College)

The theme is "Risk and Decision Making in a Complex Environment." Agenda and logistic details will be provided late summer. We are hoping for a good turnout for this event since ARSOF has long history with the First Special Service Force.

Project Gray

Project Gray is a collaborative study of the Gray Zone - the space between war and peace - where competitive interactions that fall short of a formal state of war, and which are characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty about relevant policy and legal frameworks, are undertaken by state and non-state actors. Conventional military responses by the Department of Defense lie outside the spectrum of appropriate responses for Gray Zone challenges. To address these conflicts, we must evolve our organization, intellectual, and institutional models to operate successfully in the Gray Zone.

Through a series of publications, forums, and events with academic, government, and military partners and other interested parties, Project Gray will enable us to analyze regional and trans-national conflicts, find solutions and develop best practices to operate in the middle ground between war and peace. It is our hope that the information shared and understanding gained can be used across geographic lines in response to similar challenges.

Project Gray is an initiative of the U.S. Army Special Operations Center of Excellence. We invite you to get engaged and join the conversation! Click on the image below to access the Project Gray website.

Project Gray



Call For Papers

ARSOF writing opportunity for Army publication.
POC for this project is the Director of Training, Doctrine, and Proponency at (910) 432-8836 or email

Last update: 11 July 2018