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Bachelors Degrees

The ARSOF concept for bachelor’s degrees includes a 2-year + 2-year option that allows the associate’s degree earned during the qualification course to dovetail into a relevant bachelor’s program. Completion time is dependent on military occupational specialty (MOS), but it is intended to coincide with completion of the Senior Leaders Course (SLC). SWCS is seeking partners that fully accept the FTCC degree.  SWCS Currently has multiple educational partners.  Click on the Logo below to learn more about articulated bachelors degrees currently available with our educational partners.

Fayetteville State Universit: Intelligence Studies

The BA in Intelligence Studies Degree Program at FSU will be a pragmatic, critical, and multidisciplinary degree program within the Department of Government & History. The curriculum is designed to provide the students with competencies in contemporary principles of intelligence, history of U.S. intelligence and national security, intelligence research methods, strategic intelligence, and U.S. intelligence and foreign policy.

With applications in government, military, and business functions, intelligence and related security studies have become critical aspects of the expanding interrelationship between nations, societies, and peoples.

This degree is fully articulated with the FTCC Associates (AGE) Degree for all ARSOF MOS.  The degree plan for MISO and Civil Affairs can be viewed by clicking here Intelligence Studies.   Articulation plans for 18 series Soldiers are under construction.

Click here to learn more about this degree program.

George Washington University: Clinical Health Sciences Bachelors Program

The online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) in Clinical Health Sciences offers Navy Independent Duty Corpsmen (IDCs) and Army 18 Deltas (18Ds) a way to formalize their specialized military training with a degree from The George Washington University (GW). All our courses are offered online in a flexible, asynchronous format allowing you to work on your degree, regardless of your time zone, station, or overseas assignment.

Presently, there are limited educational opportunities leading to a degree that will provide IDCs and 18Ds the opportunity to enhance their skills, obtain the credentials to pursue advanced study, and be eligible for promotion in the Navy or Army. The Clinical Health Sciences program builds on the strengths of the IDC and 18D training and provides a combination of opportunities to fulfill requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

After completion of one of the Independent Duty Corpsman (Navy) C-Schools, or Special Forces Medical Sergeants (Army) courses, students are awarded 60 academic credits towards the BSHS—50% of the degree! We have generous transfer policies and a special military discount on tuition for active duty military personnel. 

IDCs and 18Ds who complete the degree will be prepared to continue their education in graduate or professional programs in such fields as physician assistant, public health, and health services administration.

GW was named a “military friendly” institution for 2009-10 and 2010-11 by G.I. Jobs magazine. In 2010, GW ranked #21 and was named a “best for vets” university by Military Times’ Edge magazine.

Kaplan University

Specific Kaplan University bachelor's degree plans, listed by special-operations MOS:

18B: Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

Business Admin
Criminal Justice

Information Tech
Public Admin & Policy

18C: Special Forces Engineer Sergeant

Business Admin
Criminal Justice

Information Tech
Public Admin & Policy

18D: Special Forces Medical Sergeant

Business Admin
Criminal Justice
Information Tech
Public Admin & Policy

Health Science

18E: Special Forces Communication Sergeant

Business Admin
Criminal Justice

Information Tech
Public Admin & Policy

38B: Civil Affairs Specialist

Business Admin
Criminal Justice

Information Tech
Public Admin & Policy

37F: Psychological Operations Specialist

Business Admin
Criminal Justice

Information Tech
Public Admin & Policy

Kaplan University’s online degree programs make it possible for active-duty military students to study part time or full time regardless of deployments, duty station changes, or temporary assignments. Our flexibility helps returning veterans balance family, career, and educational demands.

Whether your goal is to prepare for more demanding responsibilities in the military, embark on a new civilian career, or continue on to a postgraduate degree, Kaplan University could help you pursue your professional goals virtually anywhere in the world.

• Most programs are 100 percent online

• Access course information any hour of the day or night

• New classes start every few weeks

• Courses are designed to be taught online

• Curriculum provides real-world, innovative learning techniques

Start as a Junior with 60 hours of college or completion of the FTCC Associates Degree in:

• Business Management

• Criminal Justice

• Communication

• Information Technology

• Psychology

• Political Science

• Public Administration and Policy

• Health Science

• Health and Wellness

Most of the degree plans can be completed in 14 courses or less if you have completed the FTCC General Education Associates Degree.  Contact the USAJFKSWCS Counselor for Degree plan specifics. 

• Earn a bachelors in 14 or fewer classes with the FTCC Associates or 60 hours

• All administrative fees waived – books included in tuition

For more information regarding Kaplan University and how we can meet your needs, please call our Military Support Team at: (877) 881-7316

North Carolina State University (NCSU) - Leadership in the Public Sector

Leadership in the Public Sector (LPS) is delivered entirely by distance education. The primary premise of the program is that effective leadership in the public sector is more challenging, but ultimately more rewarding, than leadership in the private sector. LPS focuses on leadership in local, state, federal, and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum covers public administration, data and survey analysis, political science, foreign affairs, public policy, peace and war in the nuclear age, industrial and organizational psychology, and other social science topics. Please see this LPS Website for a complete list of courses.

LPS is specifically created to provide non-traditional students with a liberal arts foundation in the ethical, theoretical, and policy analytical skills necessary to be effective leaders in public sector organizations. Our program allows students to change or advance their career without taking a leave of absence or adhering to a rigid class schedule. Students are not required to come to campus at all. Also, LPS graduates earn a B.A degree that is identical to any other NC State University degree. LPS graduates find career opportunities in public and nonprofit organizations, and in firms, and additional educational options in political science, public administration, nonprofit sector management, and law.

Partially articulated with FTCC associates (56 Hours)

Delivered totally online.

Norwich University

The Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis (SSDA) is a bachelor’s degree completion program designed to build upon your knowledge in vital areas such as sociology, anthropology, geography, cultural awareness, regional politics, and international conflict, as well as complete recognized competencies in general education needed for the bachelor’s degree.

Designed to build on the military education and experience of U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) in the U. S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

The SSDA degree is designed to be highly experiential in nature and to integrate your operational and international experiences into the curriculum. Students apply course work to initiatives and field exercises related to their deployment area.
SSDA is open exclusively to Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve personnel, as well as to veterans, that have been assigned to one of the subordinate commands within the United States Special Operations Command.

Students will conduct research concerning a region’s conflicts and opportunities, and incorporate that research and field experiences into the classroom and potentially into the U.S. military’s body of knowledge of that region. Principles of critical thinking, ethical decision making and leadership are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

Start as a Junior with 60 hours of college or completion of the FTCC Associates Degree.

Delivered entirely by distance education.

UNC – Pembroke

The University of North Carolina has articulated several bachelors degrees with the FTCC Associates Degree. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program is exclusively designed for learners with at least two years of transferable credit from institutions other than UNCP, who hold either Associate in Applied Arts or  Associate in Applied Science degrees.  The program serves adult students, in particular, who seek a broad, more flexible degree program to help them to advance or become more established in their careers or to improve their understanding of the world around them.  UNC-P has agreed to articulate the FTCC Associate of General Education Degree for Special Operations Soldiers only.  Soldiers who have completed the FTCC General Education Associates Degree begin the BIS Program with 60 hours of credit.

The BIS is intended for a set of diverse students who bring to the university many academic, personal, and work-related experiences.  They may choose the BIS program because (1) they are aware that they are more employable in many occupations with the degree, (2) that learning in the arts and sciences and in a field of specialization leads to understanding and empowerment, and (3) they review their personal plans and recognize that they can effectively meet their most important goals for a bachelor’s degree through the BIS. 

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, like every other college accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, requires that all its academic programs have an approved balance among general education, one or more fields of specialization, and electives.  The BIS is no exception.  BIS students are required to meet the university’s general education core requirements and are involved in middle and upper level classes combined into a varied array of interdisciplinary program majors. 

BIS Majors

This is truly a broad-based degree and you can go in many directions. We call these directions tracks, and here are the kinds of things you can major in (click on major to view description):

Applied Professional Studies

• Advertising
• Allied Health Leadership
• Economic Development
• Financial Administration
• Office Administration

Applied Information Technology

• Operations Management

Criminal Justice

• Applied Information Technology
• Sociology

Public and Non-Profit Administration

• General (no track specified)
• Allied Health Administration
• Communications
• Financial Administration
• Public Management
• Spanish

Western Carolina University

During completion of their paramedic studies, students will concentrate in one of two areas: Health Services Management or Science. The health service management concentration includes courses in business and health care administration and is intended for students pursuing an administrative role upon graduation. Students planning to continue their studies following graduation will find the science concentration a convenient means of completing prerequisite courses for medical or graduate school. 

Graduates have pursued careers as paramedics, educators, physicians, physician assistants, researchers, and Emergency Medical Services administrators.

  • Delivered entirely online


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