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1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne)

Fort Bragg, N.C.

1st SWTG(A) Courses

Please scroll through the list of courses to determine training dates, prerequisites and other information pertinent to your attendance at courses sponsored by the 1st Special Warfare Training Group (A).

1st BN 1stSWTG(A)

Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, High Risk (Level C)(3A-F38/012-F27)

Special Forces Assessment Selection (2E-F129/011-F44)

Civil Affair Assessment and Selection (5D-F11/570-F24)

Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection (5E-F1/234-F41)

2nd BN 1st SWTG(A)

Military Free Fall Parachutist Course (2E-SI4X/ASI4X/011-ASIW8)

Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Course (2E-F287/011-F120 (os/x)

Special Forces Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Course (2E-F56/011-F15)

Special Forces Combat Diving Supervisor Course (2E-F65/011-ASIS6)

Special Forces Diving Medical Technician Course (011-ASIQ5)

Special Forces Sniper Course (2E-F67/011-ASIW3)

Special Forces Advanced Targeting Reconnaissance Target Analysis Exploitation Technique (2E-F133/011-F46)

5th BN 1stSWTG(A)

Military Deception Course (2E-F286/011-F199)

6th BN 1stSWTG(A)

Advanced Special Operations Techniques (2E-F141/011-F27)

Advanced Special Operations Managers Course (2E-F 272 /011-F111)

Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Course 18F (011-18F40)

Special Forces Network Development Course (2E-F284/011-F117)

Special Warfare Operational Design Course(2E-F269/011-F108)

Special Forces Technical Surveillance Course (2E-F259/011-F99)

Advanced Physical Surveillance Course (2E-F259/011-F99B)

SOF Sensitive Site Exploitation, Technical Exploitation Course(2E-F262/011-F102)

SOF Sensitive Site Exploitation, Operator Advanced Course(2E-F258/011-F98)


Academic Year 2015

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