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Black Daggers Logo
Black Daggers Logo

About The Black Daggers

  The Black Daggers are the official U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team.  Their mission is to perform live aerial demonstrations in support of Army Special Operations community relations and recruiting.

The Team

photo of CW3 Wilkerson
Chief Warrant Officer
Chris Wilkerson
photo of MSG Malone
Master Sgt.
Chris Malone
photo of SFC Figel
Sgt. 1st Class
Aaron Figel
photo of SFC Loter
Sgt. 1st Class
Curt Loter
photo of SFC Morales
Sgt. 1st Class
Jon Morales
photo of SFC Betty
Sgt. 1st Class
Nick Betty
photo of SFC O'Toole
Sgt. 1st Class
Sean O'Toole
photo of SFC Catoe
Sgt. 1st Class
Wes Catoe
photo of SFC Porter
Sgt. 1st Class
Will Porter
photo of SSG Hardy
Staff Sgt.
Chris Hardy
photo of SSG Lopez
Staff Sgt.
Mike Lopez
photo of SSG Travers
Staff Sgt.
Steve Travers
photo of SSG Krietenstein
Staff Sgt.
Zach Krietenstein
photo of SGT Keaton
Jeremy Keaton

For more information:
Phone: 910-907-2370 or 910-364-1439
Fax: 910-907-2368