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Honoring the past, looking to the future

by: Sgt. Sean Brady, 8th MISG (A)

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, March 6, 2015) - Each year, members of 5th Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne), 8th Military Information Support Group (Airborne) come together to pay homage to the battalion’s past and look toward its future.

This year marks the 64th anniversary of the battalion’s constitution as the 5th Loudspeaker and Leaflet Company. The lineage and honors ceremony provided an opportunity for Soldiers to reflect on the rich history of 5th MISB (A) and recognize the important role it has in today’s Army.

This year’s event, held on March 3, at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum, gave 5th MISB (A) Soldiers the chance to honor members of the 5th L&L Company and celebrate the achievements of the battalion.

The ceremony included a cake-cutting, the unveiling of a plaque and a performance by the 82nd Airborne Division’s All-American Chorus, but this ceremony was about more than remembering the past it was about looking to the future.

MISO (A) is in the midst of an organizational change. ┬áRecently reorganized under the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) (Provisional), the 8th MISG (A) Command Sgt. Maj. Courtney S. Mabus spoke about change and how hard it can be to enact. “The regiment stands still if we are not willing to make changes.”

As 5th MISB (A) and 8th MISG (A) continue to evolve Mabus stressed to the Soldiers that, “Change is an action verb so if you’re going create change you’ve got to perform the actions that come along with that.”
On the future of the regiment, ┬áMabus said, “We’re going to persevere through change; we’re going to go forward.”