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New command, big changes

by Staff Sgt. Jason Ragucci
Delta Company, 3rd MISB(A)

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, July 1, 2014) - Soldiers, Family, and friends of the 3rd Military Information Support Battalion (Airborne) gathered at Meadows Field in front of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command headquarters building, on June 27, 2014, for the 3rd MISB (A) Change of Command Ceremony.

During the Change of Command ceremony, outgoing commander, Lt. Col. Brian Yarbrough, a native of Jonesboro, Ga., explains some of the accomplishments his Soldiers made during his two year tenure as the commander.

“These Soldiers have been post basketball, softball, and football champions,” said Yarbrough, “We are now the biggest blood donor organization on Fort Bragg. Our small battalion has donated more blood than the entire 82nd Airborne Division.”

Yarbrough continued his speech thanking certain individuals that saw his vision and helped make his vision a reality. He then went on to express how proud he was of his 1,122 Soldiers he commanded during his time in 3rd MISB (A).

Yarbrough helped to set up the new incoming commander for success by making drastic changes to the 3rd MISB (A). He changed the color scheme and design of the flash worn on the new detachments’ berets and behind the Soldiers’ airborne badges worn on their Class A, or Army Service Uniforms.

Yarbrough also dissolved the platoon status name, and integrated detachment as the new name and representation of 3rd MISB (A). Yarbrough accounted for his Soldiers during his reorganization in preparation to his new duty assignment as the first commander of the Military Information Support Operations Influence and Analysis Group (MIAG) (Airborne).

Incoming commander, Lt. Col. Christopher L. Schilling, began his Army career with the 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment just down the road in the 82nd Airborne Division. He served many years in the artillery world before transferring over to the Psychological Operation Command in 2008.

He began his speech as the new commander of 3rd MISB (A) by citing the mission statement which involves organizing forces to run fixed site and deployable communications, media production, and dissemination for MISO.

Schilling expressed how impressed he was during the ceremony and how professional every Soldier looked on Meadows Field. He closed his remarks by stating how important his family is to him.

“To my mom and dad, thank you for instilling in me the values of duty, loyalty, personal courage and selfless service,” he said. “Most importantly, to my wife and kids, you are the strength in my life and the definition of what an Army Family is.”

As Schilling took command of the 3rd MISB (A), followed by the Army Forces Command Band playing the Army Song, the Soldiers in formation echoed the battalion motto "power to influence", as they welcomed their new commander into the ranks.