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Roanoke Rapids-based SF company welcomes new commander

By Sgt. Brian Godette
382nd Public Affairs Detachment

ROANOKE RAPID, N.C (USASOC News Service, Feb. 10, 2014) . – Soldiers of B Company, 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Group (Airborne) welcomed in a new leader during a change of command ceremony, which Maj. Richard Trimble relinquished control of the unit to Capt. Matthew Ratnesar, at their headquarters Jan. 5, 2014.

B Company, 3-20th SFG (A), is one of two Special Forces units assigned to the North Carolina Army National Guard.

“I spent over 14 years in this battalion as an enlisted guy moving through the ranks and I have the best company, best battalion, and best group in the regiment. It’s a true honor to be here,” said Ratnesar.

Ratnesar started his military career in 1991 and by 1999 he was a Special Forces engineer sergeant. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Signal Corps in 2003. He has served as both an enlisted soldier and officer within Special Forces community. He has earned several major awards during the course of his military career including the Bronze star with One Oak Leaf Cluster. The experiences of being an enlisted soldier aided in his military development and future command position, according to Ratnesar.

“I think it enhances his abilities having been an enlisted soldier before. He’s able to relate and understand making him a better leader,” said a soldier assigned to B Company, 3-20th SFG (A)

The change of command ceremony and welcoming of Ratnesar was not only the celebration of a new commander, but the departure and successful command of the outgoing commander, Trimble.

“It’s bittersweet, we hate to see him go but we’re glad he is moving on in his career, and as he moves on he will have a greater impact on the Army and the Special Operation Force as a whole.” said a soldier assigned to B Company, 3-20th SFG (A).

Trimble is moving on to complete the next phase of his professional military education and enter the Army Congressional Fellowship Program, received praises and accolades from his former unit and guest attending the ceremony.

“I expect Capt. Ratnesar to continue in the same trend as Maj. Trimble, moving this unit forward and doing great things,” said Col. Danny Mills, the commander of 60th Troop Command.

Soldiers of B Co, 3-20th SFG (A) have supported team and individual mobilizations within 23 countries in support of the global war on terrorism as well as conducted five-company-sized mobilizations focusing on unconventional warfare, mentorship and counter-terrorism since Sept. 11.

“B Co, 3-20th SFG (A) has set the standard for excellence in National Guard Special Forces across the board by any measure. This is a phenomenal National Guard Special Forces Company, and I couldn’t be prouder to be standing here,” said Lt. Col. John Pelleriti, the commander of 3rd Battalion, 20th SFG (A).

“We are first and foremost Special Forces guys, and we are still at war, and we still have to train to our capacity to carry on those missions we are getting from our higher headquarters.” said Ratnesar.