Special Forces Regimental Crest

U.S. Army Special Forces Regimental Honors Program

Honorary Regimental Leadership

Honorary Colonel

Honorary CW5

Honorary Sergeant Major

Honorary Colonel of the Special Forces Regiment

Honorary Chief Warrant Officer 5 of the Special Forces Regiment

Honorary Sergeant Major of the Special Forces Regiment

Sidney Shachnow

William A. McPherson

Ernie Tabata

Major General, retired Chief Warrant Officer 5, retired Sergeant Major, retired

Distinguished Members

Inducted in 2012

Maj. Gen. Eldon Bargewell Master Sgt. Robert Charest Sgt. 1st Class Clifford Newman Col. Jack Tobin

Eldon Bargewell

Robert Charest

Clifford Newman

Jack Tobin

Major General Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Colonel
Brig. Gen. Frank Toney      

Frank Toney




Brigadier General      

Inducted in 2011

Sgt. Gary Beikirch Maj. Gen. Kenneth R. Bowra Sgt. Maj. Jon Caviani Master Sgt. Carl Compton

Gary Beikirch

Kenneth R. Bowra

Jon Caviani

Carl Compton

Sergeant Major General Sergeant Major Master Sergeant
Maj. Drew Dix Lt. Col. George Heib Sgt. Maj. Walter Hetzler Col. James Kraus

Drew Dix

George Heib

Walter Hetzler

James Kraus

Major Lieutenant Colonel Sergeant Major Colonel
Sgt. Maj. Willie McLeod Col. Charles Norton Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffrey Raker Lt. Col. Ronald Ray

Willie McLeod

Charles Norton

Jeffrey Raker

Ronald Ray

Sergeant Major Colonel Command Sergeant Major Lieutenant Colonel
Maj. Gen. Robert Shirkey Master Sgt. Lowell Stevens Master Sgt. Lowell Stevens  

Robert Shirkey

Lowell Stevens

Humbert "Rocky" Versace

Major General Master Sergeant Captain  

Inducted in 2010

Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie Adkins Lt. Col. Lewis Burruss, Jr. Col. Joseph Cincotti Maj. Caesar Civitella

Bennie Adkins

Lewis Burruss, Jr.

Joseph Cincotti

Caesar Civitella

Command Sergeant Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Major
Maj. John Cleckner, Sr. Lt. Col. George Gaspard, Jr. Col. Robert Howard Chief Warrant Officer 5 William McPherson

John Cleckner, Sr.

George Gaspard, Jr.

Robert Howard

William McPherson

Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Chief Warrant Officer 5
Maj. George Petrie Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Pitzer Sgt. 1st Class Eulis Presley Brig. Gen. Joseph Stringham

George Petrie

Daniel Pitzer

Eulis Presley

Joseph Stringham

Major Command Sergeant Major Sergeant First Class Brigadier General
Maj. Larry Thorne Capt. Michael Vickers Command Sgt. Maj. Morris Worley  

Larry Thorne

Michael Vickers

Morris Worley

Major Captain Command Sergeant Major  

Inducted in 2009

Lt. Col. Charles Aycock Command Sgt. Maj. Earnest Bishop Capt. Isaac Camacho Maj. Gen. Harley Davis

Charles Aycock

Earnest Bishop

Isaac Camacho

Harley Davis

Lieutenant Colonel Command Sergeant Major Captain Major General
Col. Sully DeFontaine Maj. Gen. James Guest Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph King Command Sgt. Maj. Galen Kittleson

Sully DeFontaine

James Guest

Ralph King

Galen Kittleson

Colonel Major General Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major
Maj. Gen. Joseph Lutz Command Sgt. Maj. Ronnie McCan Col. Ola Mize Command Sgt. Maj. Henry Ramirez

Joseph Lutz

Ronnie McCan

Ola Mize

Henry Ramirez

Major General Command Sergeant Major Colonel Command Sergeant Major
Command Sgt. Maj. Gordon Smith Lt. Gen. William Yarborough 1st Special Service Force Alamo Scouts

Gordon Smith

William Yarborough

1st Special Service Force

Alamo Scouts

Command Sergeant Major Lieutenant General World War II World War II
Office of Strategic Services      

Office of Strategic Services




World War II      

Inducted in 2008

Sgt. Maj. Tyrone Adderly Master Sgt. Joe Alderman Command Sgt. Maj. David Clark Command Sgt. Maj. Joe Dennison

Tyrone Adderly

Joe Alderman

David Clark

Joe Dennison

Sergeant Major Master Sergeant Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major
Col. Robert Donlon Sgt. Maj. of the Army George Dunaway Chief Warrant Officer 5 Thomas Edinger Command Sgt. Maj. James Hargraves

Roger Donlon

George Dunaway

Thomas Edinger

James Hargraves

Colonel Sergeant Major of the Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Command Sergeant Major
Command Sgt. Maj. Jack Joplin Command Sgt. Maj. Henry Luthy Maj. John Plaster Col. James Nick Rowe

Jack Joplin

Henry Luthy

John Plaster

James Nick Rowe

Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major Major Colonel
Sgt. Maj. Walter Shumate Col. Donald Soland Command Sgt. Maj. Calvin Thomas  

Walter Shumate

Donald Soland

Calvin Thomas

Sergeant Major Colonel Command Sergeant Major  

Inducted in 2007

Master Sgt. Jimmy Dean Command Sgt. Maj. Stephen Holmstock Command Sgt. Maj. Joe Lupyak Command Sgt. Maj. Pete Morakon

Jimmy Dean

Stephen Holmstock

Joe Lupyak

Pete Morakon

Master Sergeant Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major
Sgt. Maj. Richmond Nail Chief Warrant Officer 4 Harry Rider Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow Maj. Gen. John Singlaub

Richmond Nail

Harry Rider

Sidney Shachnow

John Singlaub

Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer 4 Major General Major General
Sgt. Maj. Ernie Tabata Sgt. Maj. William Waugh    

Ernie Tabata

William Waugh

Sergeant Major Sergeant Major    

Inducted in 2005

Col. Aaron Bank William Thompson    

Aaron Bank

William Thompson

Colonel Master Sergeant    

Honorary Members of the Regiment

Gerald Paul Busse

Col. Richard L. Coppedge

Joe Hickey

Joyce Luster

Master Sgt. Roy Matsumoto

Dr. Jonathan Perlin

H. Ross Perot


The Regimenal Honors, Awards and Affiliation Program is intended to recognize those who have contributed to the welfare of the Civil Affairs, Special Forces and Psychological Operations regiments, active or reserve component, as Department of the Army civilians, or in a private capacity. The program futher serves as a link between members of the regiments currently serving and those who have separated from service, but continue to advance the interests of their respective regiments. These recognized individuals serve as role models, advocates and public examples to all members of the regiments. Through their sterling example, they enhance unit morale, cohesion and esprit, and promote the war-fighting ethos, unwavering sense of pride and selfless service of today's Soldiers.