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Host Family Sponsorship Program

The International Military Student Host Family Sponsor Program is a hospitality program designed to provide IMS at Fort Bragg an opportunity to become acquainted with American family life.

The Sponsor Program consists of a Military Sponsor Program and a Civilian Sponsor Program. Volunteers who agree to act as sponsors take a genuine interest in the students and help him to know and understand the American people. The sponsor gets a better understanding and appreciation for the country each student represents as they learn from each other. Ideally, the sponsor endeavors to show the student all aspects of our country by affording him the opportunity to participate in home and community activities and permit the student to come to his own conclusions about the American way of life. Through simple hospitality, mutual tolerance, understanding and respect, students and sponsors share their cultural background and national origins as they mold lasting friendships.

If you know you are coming to Ft. Bragg and would like to contact your sponsor through email before you arrive please contact the IMSO email .

Military Sponsor Program

All International Military Students (IMS) are provided an in-class sponsor whose role it is to aid the IMS in their smooth assimilation into and understanding of the US Military training environment. Academically, the military sponsor helps to clarify some of the nuances of military acronyms and phraseology while they work together to master the leadership and military training presented to them within the classroom/field environment. Socially, the military sponsor seeks to incorporate the IMS in the spirit of camaraderie which complements the structured training and its accompanying responsibilities. This includes a look at the off duty activities in which the military sponsor may engage through education, sports, and family life

Sponsor Recruitment

Our IMSO office is always looking for sponsors to host international students. Please use the form listed below to provide sponsorship requests and points of contact for IMSO. Under “Remarks” put information such as: the reason why you chose a particular country, why you want to participate in this program, countries outside of the US you have visited or in which you have lived, any past experiences with internationals, or any other information that you believe may be helpful to the IMSO in placing you as a sponsor.

IMSO Sponsorship Recruitment Form