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The Surgeon's Offfice welcomes you to USASOC HHC

Our office is located in BLDG D2004 on Marion Street, at the corner of Gruber and Reilly, on the second floor.  The main office phone number is 432-0846.

MISSION:  To provide medical expertise to attain resources necessary to provide and sustain the most capable and relevant medically trained Army Special Operations Soldiers in the world; assist Commanders to appropriately organize, train, equip, resource, develop and validate the highest quality medical personnel and medical capabilities required to fully support assigned Army Special Operations missions across the spectrum of military operations.

MEDICAL CARE:   All routine and acute medical care for USASOC HHC Soldiers is provided at Clark Clinic.  USASOC HHC Soldiers are assigned a primary care clinic provider.  Incoming HHC Soldiers will need to provide the clinic a copy of orders upon arrival to the installation during in-processing.  Medical care is by appointment only.  For enrollment of family members, Soldiers must logon to the DEERS website to update information, as well as in-process through the TRICARE office at Womack Army Medical Center. The DEERS website may be accessed online at

Soldiers and family members who are enrolled to clinics on post may book appointments online at 

EMERGENCY CARE: Emergency care is available 24/7 at Womack's Emergency Department or by dialing 911.

Link to the Womack Army Medical Center homepage: