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Assessing Revolutionary And Insurgent Strategies (ARIS) Studies

The Assessing Revolutionary and Insurgent Strategies (ARIS) project consists of research conducted for the US Army Special Operations Command by the National Security Analysis Department of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Its goal is to produce academically rigorous yet operationally relevant research to develop and illustrate a common understanding of insurgency and revolution. Intended to form a bedrock body of knowledge for members of the Special Operations Forces, the ARIS studies allow users to distill vast amounts of material from a wide array of campaigns and extract relevant lessons, enabling the development of future doctrine, professional education, and training. The ARIS project follows in the tradition of research conducted by the Special Operations Research Office (SORO) of American University in the 1950s and 1960s, adding new research to that body of work, republishing original SORO studies, and releasing updated editions of selected SORO studies.

Narratives and Competing Messages

"Little Green Men": A Primer on Modern Russian Unconventional Warfare, Ukraine 2013-2014

The Relationship Between Iran and Lebanese Hizbollah

Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare - Sri Lanka 1976 - 2009    

Special Topics in Irregular Warfare: Understanding Resistance

Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare - Palestine Series Volume I - The Zionist Insurgency 1890 - 1950

Conceptual Typology of a Resistance

Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare, Vol. 1: 1933-1962

Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare, Vol. II: 1962-2009

Irregular Warfare Annotated Bibliography

Human Factors Considerations of Underground in Insurgencies

Undergrounds in Insurgent, Revolutionary and Resistance Warfare

ARIS Guatemala Book

ARIS Greece Book

ARIS Cuba Book

ARIS Algeria Book

Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare - Colombia (1964-2009)

Legal Implications of the Status of Persons in Resistance

Unconventional Warfare Pocket Guide - v1.0 - 2016

Link to ARIS Instructor Portal