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528th SUS BDE (A) Reading List

Future Sentinel:

Please take some down time before your arrival to familiarize yourself with the reading list and complete these online training requirements below:

All Sentinels:

ARSOF 2022

ARSOF 2022 Phase II

1st GSB in Special Warfare Magazine: See the Group Support Battalions and how we facilitate their mission to support the operators.

E5 and up:

JSOU 08-02: Retaining a Precarious Value as Special Operations Go Mainstream

JSOU 11-01: Cross-Cultural Competence and Small Groups: Why SOF are the way SOF are

* For additional reading, go to the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) Publications Site

E7 and up:

ARSOF 2022: Read General Cleveland's Roadmap to the future of Army Special Operation Forces.

ARSOF 2022 Part II: The sequel to ARSOF 2022, detailing the progress the command has made over the past year and the CG's guidance for the future.

ATP 4-93: Army Technique Publication about Sustainment Brigades. In this document specifically concern yourself with Appendix C-1 that focuses on the 528th.

Global Trends 2030: Macro view of the future operating environment with a whole of government approach.

JSOU 05-04: Logistic Support and Insurgency

Title 10 vs Title 50: Distinguishing Military Operations, Intelligence Activities & Covert Action

JSOU SOF Interagency Counterterrorism Reference Manual (2013)

JSOU Courses:

Introduction to Special Operations Forces (Fully Online)

E7 and up:

Joint Special Operations Task Force (Level 1) Distance Learning

Introduction to Irregular Warfare Distance Learning Course