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Join the 528th Sustainment Brigade Team

The 528th Sustainment Brigade is always looking to fill the ranks with highly motivated Officers, Warrant Officers and NCOs.

Qualifications to join 528th Sustainment Brigade:

  • Be on Active Duty
  • Able to attain a Secret clearance
  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Qualified or volunteer for Airborne Training
  • Have a General Technical Score of 100 or higher
  • A person of good character (no pending UCMJ action or drug or alcohol related incidents within 24 months)
  • Must be deployable
  • Must enlist into or currently hold a Military Occupational Specialty found within 528th Sustainment Brigade

Commissioned Officers:
19A, 24A, 25A, 27A, 35D, 36A, 42B, 42H, 53A, 61N, 61W, 65D, 66H, 67A, 67D, 70H, 70K, 74A, 88A, 90A

Warrant Officers:
250A, 254A, 255N, 255S, 420A, 882A, 890A, 915A, 915E, 920A, 920B, 948B

00L, 25B, 25C, 25E, 25L, 25N, 25Q, 25S, 25T, 25U, 25W, 25X, 25Z, 27D, 35F, 36B, 42B, 56M, 68A, 68E, 68G, 68J, 68K, 68P, 68R, 68S, 68W, 74D, 79S, 88M, 88N, 89B, 91B, 91C, 91D, 91F, 91X, 92A, 92F, 92M, 92W, 92Y, 92Z,  94E, 94F, 94W

*Some positions are not open to junior enlisted.

If you interested send an email to

Please provide in the email:

  • Full Name
  • Rank/Grade 
  • MOS
  • Current Unit
  • Current Time on station
  • E-mail
  • ERB with current photo
  • (Officers Only) State if KD complete