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528th Sustainment Bridgade, Special Operations (Airborne)


The 528th Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations) (Airborne) plans, coordinates and integrates logistical, medical and signal support for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) in order to enable Special Operations Force (SOF) operations worldwide. The brigade possesses unique capabilities not found anywhere else in the Army.  To meet the needs of ARSOF, the Sustainment Brigade (SO) (A) has developed logistic and signal packages that are rapidly deployable.  Soldiers assigned to this brigade operate and maintain a vast array of unique equipment not normally used by their conventional counterparts. 

In October 2001, 150 Soldiers of the then-Special Operations Support Command (Airborne) were among the first deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Since that time, the unit’s Soldiers, known as “Sentinels,” have been continuously deployed in support of overseas contingency operations much like their other U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) comrades in arms around the globe. On a typical day since 9/11, about a third of the brigade’s nearly 800 Soldiers are deployed in small teams around the world. The Sustainment Brigade’s support to overseas contingency operations provides unrivaled value to Special Operations Forces in defense of this nation.


The brigade, based out of Fort Bragg, N.C., is task organized with a brigade headquarters, the 528th Special Troops Battalion (STB), and the 112th Signal Battalion.  In addition, the brigade maintains a permanent presence in each theater, with ARSOF Liaison Elements (ALEs) based at each Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) and Army Service Component Command (ASCC) headquarters, and a Signal Support Detachment (SSD) at each TSOC.

As the primary unit of action for the brigade, Soldiers from the ALE are capable of providing persistent and direct support to the TSOC through planning and coordination with Theater Army, Special Operations Command and Army Special Operations Command, to ensure support during operations and training. 

The organic capabilities of the STB are the Army Support Operations (ASPO) teams and the Special Operations Resuscitation Teams (SORT). The STB is capable of deploying three ASPO teams in support of Special Operations Forces worldwide. The ASPO teams can co-locate with a Special Forces Group Support Battalion, an Expeditionary Sustainment Command, or a Theater Sustainment Command and provide ARSOF with a centralized and integrated in-theater presence for sustainment support.

The SORT is a robust medical team that is capable of providing expeditionary, combat health support. The support includes unit-level medical support and health services, logistics, emergency medical and resuscitative treatment for all classes of patients; emergency dental treatment, and preventive medicine support, while maintaining Standard Army Management Information Systems and providing veterinary support.

In addition, there are two National Guard companies force-aligned to the STB. The 195th Forward Support Company (Nebraska) and 197th Special Troops Company (Texas) are capable of providing Army Special Operations Forces and Joint Special Operations Forces dedicated logistics capabilities when mobilized.

As the only Army and Special Operations Airborne Signal Battalion, the 112th Special Operations Signal Battalion provides Theater Mobile Strategic SOCOM Entry Points (MSSEP) and Global Network Operations to support ARSOF.  The battalion deploys scalable teams capable of providing worldwide, responsive and reliable airborne capable mission command platforms in support of Special Operations Forces and Theater Special Operations Commands.  The forward stationed Signal Support Detachments (SSD) provides a vast array of communications capability to each TSOC. The 112th Signal Battalion strives to continue to lead the way in SOF communications and training of both CONUS and deployed ARSOF elements worldwide.

The 528th Sustainment Brigade (SO) (A) embodies its motto of “We Support to the Utmost,” providing the means to effectively and efficiently coordinate, synchronize and integrate logistics and signal support for ARSOF units and operations worldwide.